The AIFAM Series
Some of the delegates from ESG Africa Forum 2016.

Some of the delegates at the 2015 AIFAM Forum in Mauritius.

Africa is fast becoming an economic hub and an investment destination for indigenous and foreign investors. The transformation is regardless of the tradition of skepticism generated by a spate of negative reporting on Africa. Amongst the momentum boosters for this rapid economic transition is the continued growth of local pension funds as well as a trail of existing investment opportunities that attract both local and external investors. Africa Investment Funds and Asset Management (AIFAM) Forum is becoming a house-hold name that brings together a delegation of government representative, asset managers, pension fund trustees, pension fund administrators, investment consultants, private equity specialists, insurance companies and many more to talk about issues around boosting investment in Africa.

Forum Features
  1. Themes are pioneered by industry influencers, business schools and policy makers.

  2. Exclusive and keynote sessions designed to showcase sector trends and developments.

  3. Access practical and realistic experiences via carefully selected case studies.

  4. Pre-arranged business meetings designed to maximize networking opportunities.

The AIFAM organizers have realized the importance of strengthening the local investment funds on a regional approach. The AIFAM series has events across targeted regions in Africa. 2016 will see regional events in East & Southern Africa, West Africa and Mena in Dubai before even bigger and global 4th AIFAM in November to be held at the AU head quarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. This approach is design to gather all the important aspects around pension funds investment in each of the key strategic countries falling within a specific region before global  delegates converge on Ethiopia for the main event. The Ethiopia invent is already inviting key stakeholders from across the globe to gather for two prime days and hold dialogues that will continue to pave way for economic development in Africa.

AIFAM Objectives
  1. To explore and identify what it would take to make significant advances in understanding integration and implementation of global and country specific best practices in the management, implementation and investment of pensions, retirement and social security funds.

  2. Bring together leaders from various sectors to discuss legal, regulatory and framework, fund investment strategies, environmental, social governance (ESG) consideration, fiduciary and other contemporary issues impacting the African pension fund industry.

  3. Focus on long-term strategic collaboration with active stakeholders in Africa and other regions to advance developments in the industry.

  4. Incorporate input and evaluate practical case studies from international and indigenous market, with the aim of bench-marking on developments, opportunities and challenges.

Forum Approach:

New opportunities for collaboration and alliances between asset owners, investment professionals, business, governments and industry associations to improve the understanding and on-going pension reforms. Proposals for mechanisms that can help prioritize sector specific sustainability framework that maximizes indigenous savings into pension schemes and encourages investment into innovative asset classes. Identify key areas for further executive education for fund trustees, with focus on fund management, setting and monitoring investment policy, investment strategies and sustainable investing. Sensitive indigenous institutional funds and national reserves to diversify their investment portfolios into more innovative asset classes, i.e. into infrastructure investment, agribusiness, private equity and so on.

Attending Will Be:
  • Relevant Ministries within the Africa
  • Public and Corporate Pension Funds
  • Endowments and Foundations
  • Sovereign Security Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Development Finance Institutions
  • Asset and Fund Managers
  • Hedge Funds and Fund of Funds
  • Infrastructure Funds
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms
  • Legal and Management Consultants
  • Actuaries and Asset Consultants
  • Fund Administration and Trust Services
  • Real Estate Infrastructure Funds
  • Technology and Software Providers
  • Securities and Exchange Commissions
  • Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Budget Offices
  • Treasury Departments
  • Auditors and Accountant General Offices
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Principal Officers
  • Heads of Business Development
  • Pension Fund Trustees / Directors / Managers
  • Heads of Asset Allocation.
Benefits of Attending:
  1. Review Africa specific reforms and regulatory framework, market trends and environment.

  2. Hear from thought leaders and expert speakers presenting the latest and best industry practices.

  3. Network with senior decision makers, pension fund managers and investment professionals, build on existing business relationships.

  4. Increase your brand visibility and awareness by showcasing your fund operations’ team expertise.

  5. Improve trustee decision-making and the know how in the investment strategy of the scheme.